ZACO V85 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2-in-1 Wifi connected App control Silver

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ZACO V85 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2-in-1 Wifi connected App control Silver

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop. Intelligent operation via Wifi and the App or Amazon Alexa makes vacuum cleaning & mopping a pleasure.
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2-in-1 Wifi connected and App control

ZACO V85 is a small but mighty vacuuming robot that will take care of cleaning the house so you don’t have to . The superior suction power makes easy work of hair, dust and debris on hard floors and carpets alike. Its smart technology is designed specifically for use with cleaning your home while you relax or are busy doing other house work.

  • i-Move zone navigation
  • InvisibleWall room divider included
  • Scheduling
  • Auto recharge
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Stair fall protection sensors
  • Steel anthracite finish

Advanced sensors

A full set of advanced sensors help to make sure that the V85 won‘t fall down the stairs. Anti-shock sensors also prevent it from causing damage to property or marking walls.

i-Move zone navigation

The V85 divides surfaces into zones and efficiently cleans each, one after the other. This feature paired with the IntelliPlan Timer, which allows the robot to clean at flexible times helps the robot to adapt to your home and your schedule.

InvisibleWall room divider

Make sure the V85 cleans where you want it to, with the help of the InvisibleWall which marks an invisible boundary, preventing the V85 from cleaning certain areas or rooms.

SmartHome voice control

Tell the V85 to get to work with SmartHome voice control or via app from your smart device and watch it suck up every last crumb and wipe up those pesky spots from any type of flooring with its 3 different intensity levels.

i-Dropping technology

V85 wets the floor using i-Dropping technology but only when its moving, minimizing water consumption and cleaning effectively. Productive cleaning on all flooring types including parquet flooring thanks to the i-dropping technology. The water tank stops dispensing water once the robot stops mopping, helping to prevent damage to both the floor and the robot itself.


Thanks to the dual vacuuming and mopping technology, you can use the V85 on a variety of surfaces. Pick up every last speck of dirt and dust with the powerful suction of this small robot. Or utilise the mopping function with Cyclone Power cleaning and the vibrating water tank that imitates a human mop to facilitate deep cleaning.

Microfibre mop cloth

The V85 has minimal water consumption thanks to the large, long lasting microfibre mop cloth, for a thorough clean without all the elbow grease.


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