ZACO V3sPRO Robot Vacuum incl. Remote Control White

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ZACO V3sPRO Robot Vacuum incl. Remote Control White

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Small and powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Product details


ZACO V3sPro is a small and powerful vacuuming robot; let the V3sPro clean the house while you relax. The small but mighty suction power makes easy work of hair, dust and debris and is designed specifically for use with cleaning pet hairs, suitable for dog and cat owners.

  • AirAway filtering technology
  • Scheduling
  • Auto recharge
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Stair fall protection sensors
  • Colour: Pearl White

Advanced sensors

A full set of advanced sensors help to make sure that the V3sPro won‘t fall down the stairs. Preventing damage to property or marking walls, the robot‘s slim profile also allows it to easily fit underneath sofas, beds and other furniture.

Multiple cleaning modes

Featuring 3 cleaning modes suitable for all scenarios including Edge Cleaning Mode, where the V3sPro sticks to the edges of the walls or the Spot Cleaning Mode, where the robot concentrates on one specific area in a room.

Auto recharge

V3sPro includes an automatic dock and recharge technology, when the battery runs low the V3sPro will return to the charging station. Relax on the sofa without worrying about constantly plugging in or replacing batteries.

Easy cleaning of pet hair

V3sPro can easily take care of your pets‘ hair. Shedding pet hair can cause consistant problems with cleaning, clogging vacuum cleaners and sticking to fabrics. However, with the built in AirAway filtering and powerful suction of the V3sPro problematic pet hairs are a thing of the past.

AirAway filtering

AirAway technology seperates dirt from debris and reduces clogging while maintaining all important powerful suction when you need it. Featuring technology which also releases fresh air into the room to help eliminate odors.


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