ZACO A9sPro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 3 in 1 Wifi App Black

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ZACO A9sPro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 3 in 1 Wifi App Black

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop. With smart navigation, go/no-go zones, floor definition, a pulsating mop plate, 360° sensor technology and smart App Control.
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 3-in-1 Go/No-Go area, Map navigation, Wifi / App control

The ZACO A9sPro is the improved version of the ZACO A9s. It is a modern and stylish vacuuming and mopping robot which features a 3D PanoView navigation scanner with a revolutionary active mopping function. Thanks to the vibrating base plate under the water tank, even stuck dirt can be removed. Via smartphone ZACO Home app the full potential of the A9sPro is unleashed.

  • 3 cleaning modes: vacuum, wipe and mop
  • Pioneering vibrating mopping
  • Smartphone App with real time map view
  • Go/No-Go area and invisible wall
  • Timer with time control per day/ room and up to 3 floor levels
  • SmartHome voice control – Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Ultra thin: 76mm
  • Adjustable side brush speed
  • Adjustable mopping water volume and suction power

Side brush speed

The A9sPro has the possibility to continuously adjust the speed level of the side brushes via the ZACO Home App thus allowing even coarse dirt can be easily absorbed. A lower side brush speed avoids that per example cat litter or dry food will fly through the room. 

Water tank with vibrating mop plate

The A9sPro robot vacuum cleaner and mopping robot features an innovative mopping function. The vibrating plate under the water tank can remove stubborn stains from hard floors. Almost as effective spot cleaning as mopping by hand. 

Flexible room timer

The kitchen should be vacuumed daily, but the living room only once a week? The ZACO A9sPro robot vacuum cleaner features a new timer which can be set to fit your needs for each individual room.


Make sure the A9sPro cleans where you want it to, with the help of the InvisibleWall which marks an invisible boundary, preventing the A9sPro from cleaning certain areas or rooms.

Google Home / Alexa and ZACO Home App

The A9sPro can be started and switched off via Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home voice control.

With the ZACO Home App you can control your cleaning all from your phone. Sit back and relax while choosing real-time mapping, viewing the cleaning status and controlling waterflow. Take control, anytime, anywhere.

Please note that the ZACO A9sPro only works with 2.4Ghz. 

Offline use

The ZACO A9sPro can also be used perfectly without wifi or App. Use the remote control to set and use the basic functions of the robot vacuum cleaner. An InvisibleWall can be used to separate or exclude particular areas.

Fall protection sensors and infrared sensors

The bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with cliff sensors that detect fall heights on stairs, for example. Infrared (distance) sensors help guide the robot and prevent the robot from damaging your objects.

Slim profile

The sleak and minimal design offers a slim profile of only 7.6cm, meaning that the A9sPro can fit under most sofas and beds, helping to clean every part of your floor.



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