ZACO A9s Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2 in 1 Wifi App Black

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ZACO A9s Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2 in 1 Wifi App Black

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop. With a pulsating mop plate, 360° sensor technology and smart App Control.
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 3-in-1 Wifi connected with App control

ZACO A9s is a modern and stylish vacuuming and mopping robot which features PanoView navigation scanner, meaning the A9s can make high precision scans of its surroundings, allowing it to effecitvely avoid missing or redoing certain areas. Efficient cleaning for your home, all in a compact, high quality, durable cleaning robot.

  • Pioneering vibrating water tank
  • Voice alerts (can be deactivated)
  • Auto recharge
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Gen 3 CyclonePower
  • Bristle brush and Rubber brush
  • SmartHome voice control – Compatible with Amazon Alexa

OBS All-Terrain

The OBS All-Terrain detection system works to help the A9s avoid obstacles and high drops like steps. Featuring anti-collision and anti-fall protection, making the A9s an autonomous cleaner.

App control/Schedule

Control your cleaning with scheduling and mode switching all from your phone. Sit back and relax while choosing real-time mapping, viewing the materials health status and controlling waterflow. Take control, anytime, anywhere.

InvisibleWall/Auto Recharge

Auto Recharge feature means that the A9s will return to the charging dock when low on battery, charge and then carry on cleaning. Make sure the A9s cleans where you want it to, with the help of the InvisibleWall which marks an invisible boundary, preventing the A9s from cleaning certain areas or rooms.

Vibrating water tank

A9s features a pioneering vibrating water tank which imitates the way humans mop, lifting the mop cloth up and down repeatedly for effective spot cleaning, the vibrating motor keeps the mop cloth in close contact with the floor.

Slim profile

The sleak and minimal design offers a slim profile of only 7.6cm, meaning that the A9s (with  a diameter of 33cm) can fit under sofas and beds, helping to clean every part of your floor.

Large dustbin

Unlike other vacuuming robots, the A9s features a large 600ml capacity dustbin for longer cleaning and less frequent emptying, suitable for large homes or for when you leave the house for long periods.

Obstacle avoiding wheel

A9s has been designed to tackle low lying obstacles such as thick rugs or carpets, thanks to the obstacle avoiding wheel which can easily scale any obstacle up to 1.5cm high. Sit back and relax without having to constantly get up and reposition the vacuum cleaner.


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