ZACO A8s Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2 in 1 App Wifi Black

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ZACO A8s Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Mop 2 in 1 App Wifi Black

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Robot. Intelligent 360° sensor technology for perfectly clean large living spaces.
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Product details

ZACO A8s - Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Robot with Wifi Connection

ZACO A8s is a small but mighty vacuum that sucks, wipes and brushes all in one compact unit.  The ultra-flat design allows it to fit into hard-to-reach places and its wet wiping function can clean a spotless living space up to 180 square meters. What’s more, the app control, AutoResume and up to 160 minutes of operating time ensures a very efficient cleaning process.

  • PanoView navigation
  • Scheduling
  • Auto recharge
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Stair fall protection sensors
  • App control
  • Remote control (including batteries)
  • Piano black finish


Advanced sensor technology allows the A8s to sense when cleaning is finished and automatically return to its charging station to recharge the battery. In addition, when it reaches a low battery level,  the A8s can remember where it stopped cleaning and will return to that exact place after charging so it never misses a spot, even in extra large living areas.

3 in 1

The A8s vacuums, mops and sweeps with the help of its fine dust filter, intelligent water dropping control and 2 brush types. This combination unit also comes equipped with an additional filter, microfibre cloth and brushes.

PanoView navigation

The A8s has a 360 degree camera that allows it to accurately map out your entire living space. It can get to cleaning efficiently and effectively, without overlooking even covered areas.

Ultra Flat

With a height of only 72 mm, the A8s can navigate into even the most tough-to-reach areas, like under your sofa or other low-to-the-ground furniture. It’s sleek design is not only functional, but the glossy Piano Black color also gives it a modern look. Anti-shock sensors also protect your furniture from scratch marks.

App control

ZACO A8s can be conveniently controlled via Alexa voice control, Android and iOS smartphone or via remote control so you can sit back and let it do all the work. Thanks to the flexible cleaning times setting, OBS All-Terrain that automatically detects surroundings as well as its fall protection on stairs, the A8s adapts to your schedule and your home.

2 brush types

Specially designed V-shaped bristle and rubber brushes provide the A8s with cleaning power. These brushes reduce tangles and clogging while also extracting more dirt, dust and crumbs from carpets, rugs and other fabricated flooring. Paired with the 3-layer filter that filters out even the smallest mite excrement and fine dust to provide extra fresh air, the A8s will help you to keep your living space a clean environment.



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