ZACO A6 Robot Vacuum incl. Remote Control Black

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ZACO A6 Robot Vacuum incl. Remote Control Black

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Vacuums and sweeps carpets and hard floors and blocks areas using InvisibleWall technology.
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Product details

ZACO A6 - The ultra flat design object

Super silent and fits under almost any piece of furniture

ZACO A6 is a small and powerful vacuuming robot; let the A6 clean the house while you relax. Featuring the Gen 2 CyclonePower technology, the small but mighty suction power makes easy work of hair, dust and debris and is designed specifically for use with cleaning your home and looking stylish at the same time. For house dust allergy sufferers: The fine particle filter filters out even mite excrement and fine dust.

  • Gen 2 CyclonePower cleaning system
  • Slim profile with a quiet motor
  • Scheduling
  • Auto recharge
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Stair fall protection sensors
  • Colour: Piano Black

Advanced sensors & invisible wall

A full set of advanced sensors help to make sure that the A6 won‘t fall down the stairs. Preventing damage to property or marking walls, the robot‘s slim profile also allows it to easily fit underneath sofas, beds and other furniture. Make sure the A6 cleans where you want it to, with the help of the InvisibleWall which marks an invisible boundary, preventing it from cleaning certain areas or rooms.

Multiple cleaning modes

Featuring multiple cleaning modes suitable for all scenarios including Auto mode, Timer Function, Spot, Edge, Max power and Miniroom mode. Edge cleaning means that the A6 will stick to the sides of the room, while the Spot cleaning mode means that the A6 concentrates on one specific area of a room.

Auto recharge

A6 includes an automatic dock and recharge technology, when the battery runs low the A6 will return to the charging station. Relax on the sofa without worrying about constantly plugging in or replacing batteries.

Gen 2 CyclonePower

Gen 2 CyclonePower cleaning system has been designed to make vacuuming as easy as possible. Powerful side brushes sweep dirt into the cleaning path, the main brush rolls up dirt and combined with the powerful suction passage collects the dirt and debris and places it into the dustbin.

Remote control

Zaco A6 comes with a remote control, letting you manage your cleaning without having to stand up and press buttons on your vacuum cleaner. Simply sit back, relax and command the A6 to clean when and how you want, where ever you want.

Inter-changeable brushes

A6 comes with two inter-changeable brushes included the specially designed Double V-shaped bristle brush providing the A6 with more cleaning power than competitor branded brushes. Reducing tangles and clogging while also extracting more dirt, dust and crumbs, across all flooring types from carpet to hard wood flooring.


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