About us

Who we are

Hello world. We are ZACO.

We’ve been one of the players on the robot vacuum market for a few years now. And you’ve surely already seen our products, just under a different name: ILIFE. We entered the German market with exactly this name about three years ago.

With a really great team that we’ve successively built, we were able to make ILIFE the third-largest robot vacuum brand in Germany within 2 years.

Today we’re the newcomers – we are ZACO. The new robot vacuum brand.

And I'm sure some of you will wonder: “If you’re so successful, why are you starting under a new name?” This question is more than justified. We want to avoid any possible infringements and have reached an agreement with our factory on the uniform brand name ‘ZACO’ for the whole European market.

The new brand name ‘ZACO’ is short, pragmatic and will secure a uniform and sustainable appearance in Europe. We are establishing a new brand on the market with an ever-growing team, even more expertise and a lot of commitment – all the while enjoying every step.

And that’s what sets us apart: seizing opportunities, daring to take risks and a lot of passion.

And you, as our customer, should always feel that.

With the products, the service and wherever you find us.